Lisa Henderson Bennett ’93

“Giving every year should become a priority. Each gift adds to the reach and life of the University.”

Born in Lakeland, Florida, the daughter of schoolteachers, Lisa Bennett chose DePauw at the urging of her parents, who were impressed with the University. A chemistry major, Lisa served as president of the Association of African American Students during her junior and senior years and was a resident assistant. While at DePauw, she met her future husband, Jay, who graduated in 1991. A past president of the Alumni Association and current member of the Board of Trustees, Lisa recently assumed the chair of The Washington C. DePauw Society, the leading recognition program for annual giving at DePauw. With her husband, she also made a $50,000 commitment to establish the Isham Jay and Lisa Henderson Bennett Scholarship. The 2011 DePauw Young Alumni Award honoree, Lisa wants her fellow graduates to understand the significance of giving to the University, regardless of the size of the donation. “Your gift is a demonstration of your love for the University. It is a return commitment to an education and an experience that you value.”

After graduation, Lisa put her DePauw chemistry training to work as an analyst in several industries, before becoming a business planner for General Motors. Currently, she is a full-time mother to one daughter, Lauryn Ilyse, and she is assisting nonprofit organizations as a partnership advisor. Lisa’s DePauw experience taught her invaluable lessons that she has carried with her ever since. “I have learned to think diversely and to relate to people from all walks of life. I’ve found value in exploiting commonalities rather than defining differences. As a society, we tend to use categories to define ourselves within boxes. DePauw challenges that thinking.”

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