A.C. Buehler '78 Employs Passion for Health in Support of DePauw

BuehlerHealth and science have been guiding interests in the life of A.C. Buehler III ’78. An economics major and Lambda Chi member at DePauw, A.C. volunteered for the DePauw Fire Company and the Putnam County Operation Life emergency paramedic and ambulance team.

A.C. enjoys being connected to something like Operation Life, which was started by DePauw student volunteers in 1975 and still serves Putnam County with more than 50 employees and DePauw student volunteers. He’s an avid fisherman and a bicyclist who visits DePauw annually to ride in the Little 5 alumni race. He has been serving on his hometown’s village board for 24 years. He enjoys making a positive difference and long-term commitments.

The Buehler Family Foundation, of which A.C. is president, also seeks long-term commitments that can make a positive difference in health and health care. Often the foundation’s grants support major programs and research initiatives at Northwestern University, Chicago Botanic Garden and Lurie Children’s Hospital (A.C. is a Chicagoland native and a Northwestern MBA graduate). Recently A.C. brought his work with the Buehler Family Foundation to DePauw. Working with faculty in the biology, chemistry and geosciences departments, along with staff in the Development and Alumni Engagement Division, A.C. found a way to support DePauw students that aligned with the foundation’s mission by establishing the Buehler Biomedical Imaging Center.

“It was critical that if we were going to make a grant to DePauw it be something that was important to the university and would advance undergraduate education,” A.C. said. “DePauw students and faculty are already involved in the types of biomedical and biochemical research that are typically done at the graduate level. The Buehler Biomedical Imaging Center will provide resources to continue and advance that important research and will allow for new research projects. The center will not only advance health research and discoveries but will also be a resource for faculty who are working with students to educate the next generation of scientists and health professionals.”

Student-faculty relationships were some of the most important aspects of A.C.’s DePauw experience. “John Baughman and Jack Wilson in the history department along with Fred Silander and Gerald Warren in the economics department and Perk Allen in accounting were very good teachers who had a way of helping me really focus and understand what I was learning in class and outside of class. Professors like that make a big difference,” A.C. said.

In addition to class work and his volunteer experience, A.C. said other major influences from his DePauw years included studying abroad in Greece and playing trumpet in the University Band and Jazz Band. He enjoys traveling and continues to play trumpet with a community orchestra that rehearses weekly. His career has included work in accounting and management for hospital administration, and he currently operates a consulting practice focused on small business information systems. He is the father of three children, including 2011 DePauw graduate Elisabeth Buehler Smith.

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