School of Music

In even the most uniformly excellent universities, there are programs that stand out — programs that might be thought of as historic strengths. At DePauw, one of those strengths is the School of Music.

Founded in 1884, the DePauw School of Music was the sixth in America. As President D. Mark McCoy likes to say, “Before Juilliard, Eastman or Curtis, there was DePauw.”

More than a century after its founding, the School of Music has embarked on a bold plan to alter the basic principles of music higher education in America. This effort is called the 21st Century Musician Initiative, or 21CM. With vast changes in musical tastes and tectonic shifts in the groundwork of the music industry, what it means for students to work as professional musicians has changed, and so must DePauw.

Through 21CM, DePauw’s School of Music will be among the first to innovate in the face of evolutionary change. By doing so, it will set an example for music schools around the nation and world to follow.