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The ingredients of this University—its students, its faculty, and its alumni—form the foundation of one of the nation’s greatest liberal arts institutions.

The task before us now, and throughout The Campaign for DePauw, is to build on that foundation in a way that lets DePauw take its rightful place in the landscape of America higher education. 

Our Initiatives

The Campus

A great college campus lures visitors inward, and it connects those who call it home. Learn more about DePauw's efforts to create a campus that matches the ambitions of its students and faculty.

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The Fund for DePauw

Annual giving programs at DePauw are the lifeblood of the University. On an annual basis, DePauw’s annual giving programs provide the financial power of more than an additional $100 million in permanent endowment

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Other Ways to Get Involved with DePauw

From attending alumni events, to advising current students, and re-connecting with classmates, support for DePauw and the University's initiatives can take many forms.


Learn about alumni events on campus and in your area.


Volunteer with the Admission Office, the Hubbard Center or the Alumni Association.


Stay in touch with students and fellow alumni.

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