Our Time. Our Future.

This campaign is about letting DePauw be DePauw. It will strengthen the academic life that enriches campus. It will ensure that talented students can afford to enroll. It will support the work of advising and preparing students for future success. And it will do all of this on a campus that connects people. We know how strong DePauw is. We know it can become even stronger. Join us.

DePauw is a place where intellectual challenge and the life of the campus combine to prepare students for a lifetime of leadership and achievement.

This statement captures who we are, and it speaks to our unique character as an American liberal arts institution. To unpack this statement is to begin to tell the rich and compelling story of DePauw.

That story is this: The academic reputation of DePauw draws students to the University, and students are challenged here. Student engagement in a dynamic campus significantly enriches and helps to define the DePauw experience.

Our graduates’ achievements — the lives they lead — are the measure of our success as an institution. And connecting all of this is our campus.

This campaign is about strengthening all of these elements. This is our story. And now is our time to build on it.

Academic Life

Academic challenge is at the heart of the DePauw experience. As a university, DePauw’s central mission is the transfer of knowledge through teaching and the production of knowledge through scholarly research.

As a residential liberal arts college, DePauw’s work is to offer breadth and depth of study in a vibrant atmosphere. We hire and support an excellent faculty of teachers and scholars. We enroll accomplished, purposeful students who enjoy learning for its own sake as much as they see it as a means to future success. At the center of all of this is the means through which DePauw supports and enriches the academic life of campus.

The Campaign for DePauw seeks to raise $75 million for advancing the University’s academic life. With these funds, DePauw will:

  • Reimagine and restore the interior of Roy O. West Library to house a new Main Reading Room, Center for Teaching and Learning, and Center for Academic Support, while also endowing key programs to create the symbolic academic heart of campus.
  • Endow additional named professorships, as well as new fellowships for faculty scholarship, thereby attracting the very best new faculty members and retaining the excellent faculty we already have.
  • Endow program directorships to lend linchpin academic figures the prestige they are due and support key academic staff positions in perpetuity.
  • Add new visiting artists and professorships for leading thinkers who enrich intellectual life at DePauw.
  • Build on our capacity to provide a high-touch experience in the classroom by funding student-faculty collaboration and research beyond traditional coursework, thereby boosting the number of student researchers we can support.
  • Invest $25 million in the School of Music’s 21st Century Musician Initiative, which will radically alter the mindset of music higher education in America.
  • Provide additional endowment support for the McDermond Center for Management and Entrepreneurship, the Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media and the Prindle Institute for Ethics, as well as DePauw’s renowned Honor Scholar Program and four Fellows Programs, thereby allowing each to achieve true national prominence.

Student Access & Financial Aid

Since DePauw University’s founding as Indiana Asbury, the University has sought to offer educational opportunities to students with the gifts and potential to use them to fullest advantage.

We have long been committed to access for students regardless of who they are or where they come from. In fact, that commitment dates back to 1837, when our original charter called on the community to maintain the school “for the benefit of the youth of every class of citizens, and of every denomination, who shall be freely admitted to equal advantages and privileges of education.”

Answering the call of our charter is our most profound responsibility, and we have strived to meet that responsibility. We admit students regardless of financial circumstances. But bridging the financial gap for every student with the credentials and desire to enroll at DePauw — that is one of the great challenges before us as we look toward the start of the University’s third century. It is not enough to admit students from all walks of life. We must ensure that our students – the students who are destined for DePauw — can afford to enroll.

Through this campaign, we will rise to meet this challenge. 

The Campaign for DePauw seeks to raise at least $100 million in support of student access and financial aid. With these funds, DePauw will:

  • Create the DePauw Trust, thereby increasing current endowment for student access by more than 80 percent, making DePauw accessible to a significantly greater number of high-achieving students with financial need and guaranteeing the continuation of the financial aid we currently provide in perpetuity.

Student Engagement & Outcomes

Our fundamental goal is to ensure that every student has a plan. Every student is supported. And every student is prepared to lead a life of incredible accomplishment.

When we cultivate the intellectual and social growth of our students, positive outcomes seem to fall into place, almost without effort. That effortlessness is, of course, an illusion. Alongside challenging coursework and a vibrant social experience, a third pillar undergirds successful outcomes: advising students and helping them shape a path forward to lives of purpose and accomplishment. We are obliged to take even greater responsibility for ensuring positive outcomes for our students. 

The Campaign for DePauw seeks to raise $25 million to advance student engagement and lifelong success. With these funds, DePauw will:

  • Strengthen those offices and programs that help students develop at DePauw while also preparing them for lives of accomplishment and purpose after graduation.
  • Construct The Kathryn F. Hubbard Center for Student Engagement in the Memorial Student Union Building and support the staff necessary to guide students in their explorations of study abroad and internship opportunities, thereby building future generations of DePauw leaders.
  • Endow a pre-medical and allied health adviser position and program support, thereby increasing the number of graduating seniors admitted to medical schools.
  • Fund a student academic advising initiative.
  • Endow funds for student travel and internships.
  • Endow funds for career exploration programs.
  • Endow funds for faculty-led student immersion programs, off-campus study and Winter Term externships.
  • Endow the Winter Term in Service Program.
  • Endow funds for professional development travel.
  • Endow funds for graduate education programming.
  • Endow funds for service learning and community outreach programs, spiritual life programs and community development programming.

The Campus

DePauw is not just its alumni, its faculty, its students. It’s a unique place. In every phase of its development, the DePauw campus has embodied who we are. It enables what we do.

Beauty, harmony, a sense that you are in the center of a universe and everything is connected — these are the feelings that a well-planned college campus evokes. The buildings, the open spaces and the paths between them feel like they have always been where they are — that they are meant to be just as they are. A campus so thoughtfully designed can give newcomers a sense of confidence in a place, of belonging in that place, even before a friendly student holds a door open for them. That is the effect we want DePauw to have. Thoughtfulness, creativity, connection — those are the virtues our campus should inspire.

The Campaign for DePauw seeks to raise $75 million to continue renewal and restoration of the DePauw campus. With these funds, DePauw will:

  • Complete Hoover Hall, which will house central dining spaces for students and faculty.
  • Complete the Hubbard Center for Student Engagement within the Memorial Student Union Building.
  • Complete improvements to athletics and recreational facilities, creating national-caliber venues.
  • Build on improvements to Anderson Street to create one of the most impressive university entrances of any campus in the nation.
  • Restore the historic core of the campus by improving the outdoor space around East College lawn.
  • Restore Bowman Park, creating a true crossroads in the center of campus.
  • Better connect the core campus to the DePauw Nature Park and revitalized “college town” of Greencastle.

Annual Giving

Annual giving programs at DePauw are the lifeblood of the University. On an annual basis, DePauw’s annual giving programs provide the financial power of more than an additional $125 million in permanent endowment.

To address the University’s most pressing needs, we have relaunched the Annual Fund as The Fund for DePauw. The name is meaningful because instead of conveying what the fund is, the name is intended to convey what annual gifts support. Gifts to The Fund for DePauw touch every corner of the campus, and because that is their impact, we wanted the name of the fund to reflect its purpose. 

If you are among those who realized in graduate school how well prepared you were — and how advanced you were compared to your peers — give to The Fund for DePauw and show your appreciation for the education you received. If you are among those who had an internship or study abroad experience at DePauw that changed the trajectory of your life and career, give to The Fund for DePauw in recognition of the University's impact on you. If you are among the many alumni who believe that a fraction — however small — of where you are today is because of DePauw, give to The Fund for DePauw and help provide others with the same experience. 

When alumni make a habit of showing support for DePauw year after year, the University grows in the way we encourage our students to — thoughtfully, intentionally, with the legacy of the past behind us and the promise of a bright future ahead.