Without Aid, Talented Clarinetist Would Not be at DePauw

It’s safe to say clarinetist Dan Hickey ’15 keeps quite busy at DePauw.

He started playing the clarinet nearly 12 years ago, and he says, “Music has been a large and important part of my life for many years. ”When he received an offer of substantial aid from DePauw, he couldn’t refuse. Just this year, the School of Music placed this talented student into the Rochberg Trio, a newly formed group that will tour and represent DePauw as well as recruit. The trio, which also includes a French horn and piano, is just the newest addition to Dan’s already full schedule of musical ensembles—the University Orchestra, Clarinet Ensemble and another trio. He is also in the pit orchestra for the upcoming musical Parade, and he’s recently been experimenting with a new contradance band. In the past, he has played with the University Band/Wind Ensemble, a woodwind quintet, the improvised chamber music group and also collaborated with fellow students on recitals and other performances.

While Dan says he’s “made too many good friends in the School of Music to have just one favorite memory!” he does like to think back on his first time out of the country, when he played at Christ Church Cathedral (Oxford University). He performed a piece by composer Gustav Holst that opened with a clarinet solo—one he was chosen to play. “It was just an incredible moment, doing what I love most at the oldest university in the English-speaking world,” he says. But then he adds humbly, “The acoustics also really helped me out.”

Dan’s dedication to his music is something that will continue upon his graduation in 2015. After DePauw, he plans to pursue a master’s in music in the Chicago area and some art administration work (perhaps at DePauw). He is also interested in becoming licensed to teach Dalcroze Eurhythmics, and he’s already decided on a career: “I would enjoy an administrative position with a professional group or university, as well as have a freelance performing and teaching career.”

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