Kathryn Fortune Hubbard ’74

“A liberal arts education really prepares you for success in a lot of different jobs and careers.”

Indiana born (Vincennes) and raised (West Lafayette), Kathy Hubbard developed an early interest in all things French, choosing DePauw to study the language, aided by a scholarship and financial assistance. She spent her first Winter Term in Quebec and, later, an entire academic year in Switzerland. Kathy’s rich DePauw experience led her to understand the essential value of students connecting to all aspects of campus life: academics, of course, but also engaging with other students and professors, while taking advantage of the school’s many cocurricular activities.

Two years ago, Kathy and her husband, Al, committed $5 million to DePauw to establish the Hubbard Center for Student Engagement, a centralized location where students receive comprehensive advising to connect their academic studies with internships, career planning and off-campus study.

Kathy has held posts in international trade; public policy development; political campaigns at the national, state and municipal levels; and in the private sector with her husband’s businesses, where, practicing what she preaches, Kathy has hired DePauw students as interns. She also serves on DePauw’s Board of Trustees. In 2006, Kathy cofounded the nonprofit Bridges of Understanding, dedicated to encouraging meaningful relationships between the United States and countries in the Middle East. That effort sprang from the fascination with other nations kindled in her time at DePauw, where she now sees increasing diversity: “It enriches students to know and have different cultural experiences, different socioeconomic experiences.”

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