Charles F. J. Pierre ’12 Wants Classmates to Reunite for Fellowship and Progress

Chair of his fifth-year class reunion planning committee, Charles F. J. Pierre ’12 says volunteering allows him to express his gratitude to DePauw. “When I think about DePauw, it’s the interaction with my classmates, the trips we took, athletic competitions and debates that helped us become better people and citizens. Returning to campus for our reunion will not only remind us of that DePauw magic and those experiences that led us to where we are now, but also will allow us to build on that progress,” he said.

Charles spent much of his childhood in Haiti until moving back to the United States at age 15. A devastating earthquake struck Haiti in 2010 when he was a sophomore at DePauw. He rallied student and alumni support to send relief funds to the island nation. Two years later, when he was a senior and student body president, he co-led an effort to take 12 DePauw students to Haiti for a Winter Term cultural exchange trip.

“The success of the Hope for Haiti fundraiser empowered us to coordinate a completely student-run cultural exchange project. Alumni support was a big part of the reason I was able to have that experience, to travel with the track team and so many other enriching experiences at DePauw,” Charles said. “I want to continue that legacy by doing what I can to support current students. Who knows? Maybe some of them will go to law school and change their communities for the better.”

Charles recently earned a Juris Doctor degree from Howard University School of Law. He is on leave from his position with a Wisconsin law firm to serve as law clerk for the chief judge of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. “This is a great opportunity to work with one of the most respected legal minds in our nation’s capital, where laws are made,” he said. “As a law clerk, I also have the opportunity to hone my research and writing skills and to develop as an attorney.”

Charles also volunteers to mentor and advise current students and supports The Fund for DePauw. “I urge my fellow young alumni to get involved in some way: mentoring, reaching out to the Office of Development and Alumni Engagement to see how you can volunteer, and making a small financial contribution go a long way toward creating those experiences that made DePauw so rich for us.”

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