The Herbert and June Kelley and Family Endowed Scholarship for International Study

Dennis KelleyAs a DePauw student, Dennis Kelley ’72 spent time studying abroad in Vienna, Budapest, London and Freiburg, Germany. Dennis cites those experiences as ones that shaped his life and career.

“I returned to DePauw with an intense interest in Eastern Europe, East European politics and economics, and in Russia,” Dennis recalls. “The overseas experience gave me some direction for a career, which was very important to me. The experience exposed me to new culture, history and different political and economic systems. It opened my eyes to the rest of the world. It also gave me a life away from campus, which was very important, and it forced me to be on my own and become independent. It accelerated my personal development. There’s no question in my mind that the experience was a major force in quicker maturity in my life.”

Dennis is president of global supply and distribution company Pacific World Trade, Inc. A division of the company, Pacific Nuclear Solutions, developed state-of-theart nuclear waste treatment technologies. The company’s product can turn hazardous and radioactive liquids into solid material that can be disposed of more safely. The company provides waste treatment services to nuclear power plants, weapons facilities and labs, institutes, and decommission sites in Russia, the United Kingdom, France, China, Romania and several other countries.

When he visited campus in 2005 to speak to students in the Management Fellows Program, Dennis said that studying abroad as a college student, as well as learning one or more foreign languages, is key if they have interest in international careers.

Having committed a portion of his estate to DePauw in 2008, Dennis recently settled upon a purpose for the planned gift. The Herbert and June Kelley and Family Endowed Scholarship for International Study is named in honor of his parents, who dedicated themselves to ensuring their two sons earned college educations. The fund will provide a scholarship in perpetuity so generations of DePauw students will have access to the international experiences and learning opportunities like those Dennis says profoundly shaped and enriched his life.

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