Robert J. Darnall '60 and Marletta Farrier Darnall '61: Community, Friendship and Family: Sitting Together at a Table

DarnallBob Darnall ’60 doesn’t remember exactly when he gave his first gift to DePauw. “It wasn’t too long after we graduated and married,” he says of himself and his wife, Marletta Farrier Darnall ’61. “We began giving to DePauw and our church as our first two charitable acts. We gave $2 per week to church.” 

A few years and many accomplishments later, their combined list of leadership positions, charitable acts and honors is humbling. But Bob and Marletta attribute those shared successes to both their families and their four years in Greencastle. “My parents gave me the basic values that guide me, but DePauw helped enhance those and shape them, and made me a better person,” Bob says. “DePauw launched the two of us on our lives together.” 

Their most recent gift to DePauw assists with construction of R. David and Suzanne A. Hoover Hall and is a reflection of the values they cherish: community, friendship and family. Hoover Hall will replace the Hub, in the Memorial Student Union Building, as the primary student dining option on campus, and will provide space for faculty and staff dining and campus gathering. “The purpose of Hoover Hall is to centralize the interactions of all segments of DePauw,” Marletta says, “Today we have instant communication, but not necessarily congregation. Supporting Hoover Hall is supporting the continuance of relationships among students, faculty and staff while sitting together at a table.” 

DePauw remains an important part of the Darnall family; not just because it’s where Bob and Marletta met and because of Marletta’s involvement as a member of the board of trustees since 2000. They have supported many DePauw students via their ongoing scholarship commitment. Their two children attended DePauw, and now their granddaughter is following in the family footsteps as a senior. 

A private dining room in Hoover Hall will be named the Robert J. ’60 and Marletta Farrier ’61 Darnall Dining Room in recognition of their gift. It will serve as a fitting reminder for students, faculty and staff alike to savor the relationships they have at DePauw and remember that their connection to the University endures long after they have left.

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