Mary Bridges Lyne '92 and Timothy G. Lyne: Leading by Example

LyneThe phrase “early and often” best describes how Mary Bridges Lyne ’92 and Timothy G. Lyne have contributed to DePauw.

It began when Mary, fresh out of school, entered a leadership training program in the banking industry. Among a large group of young and talented people, Mary couldn’t help but make comparisons.

“I felt like DePauw had really prepared me well,” she says.

And so, in a not-so-small gesture for a recent graduate, Mary decided to give something back. Whether it was $50 or $100, she can’t recall – but something.

In March 2015, the Lynes’ gift to the Endowment for Student-Faculty Collaborative Research strengthened the very core of the liberal arts experience: undergraduate students forming meaningful, scholarly relationships with their professors. The endowment provides opportunities for faculty and students to work together on research. During summer 2015 alone, 44 students and 23 faculty members representing nearly every discipline at DePauw participated in full-time research projects.

Although Mary never participated in collaborative research as a student, the program evokes memories of her own time at DePauw. “One thing I valued about my time at DePauw was the interaction I had with my professors,” she says. “The faculty are just so wonderful, and I think that giving students the opportunity to work closely with them is a truly unique experience that will help these students stand out as they work to accomplish their goals.”

After 23 years, a career that led to a leadership position in commercial banking, and three children – all boys – a lot has changed in Mary’s life, but the sense of gratitude that led to her first annual gift has not. Mary and Tim’s contributions to the University have continued year after year, complemented by volunteer work for the Annual Fund, now known as The Fund for DePauw, and Career Planning. Mary and Tim are members of The Loyalty Society which recognizes the University’s most devoted supporters who consistently invest in DePauw students and faculty members every year through annual giving.

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