J. William Asher and Dorothy A. Asher Create Fourth Research Fund

J. William “Bill” Asher graduated from DePauw in 1950 with a degree in psychology and went on to earn both a Master of Science degree and Ph.D. from Purdue University. He had a distinguished career as a member of Purdue University’s faculty, in his service and leadership to his profession and as an author. He retired in 2003 as professor emeritus of education and psychological sciences. Dorothy “Dotty” Asher, a fellow Purdue graduate, is an artist who retired from the Hallmark Company.

Bill has long been a proponent of substantive undergraduate research and regards his own liberal arts education at DePauw as “an excellent foundation for graduate school.” He and Dorothy recently committed $1 million to establish the J. William Asher and Dorothy A. Asher Endowed Fund in the Sciences, the fourth such Asher Fund to support research activities by students and faculty members at DePauw.

“The Ashers’ gift creating an Asher Endowed Fund in the Sciences will be an extraordinary resource for students and faculty, allowing them to engage in research, often collaborative, throughout the academic year and into the summers. This generous support for scientific inquiry at DePauw will enrich the campus community in a significant and sustained way. It will enable faculty to remain engaged in cutting-edge research, and it will help students become even more competitive for advanced study and other postgraduate opportunities,” Vice President for Academic Affairs Anne Harris said. “Standing alongside the Asher Endowed Fund for Research in Psychology, Asher Fund in the Social Sciences and Asher Endowed Fund in the Humanities, this new fund will be met with great enthusiasm by faculty and students alike.”

In 1996 Bill created the J. William and Katherine C. Asher Endowed Research Fund (named for himself and his late wife, Katherine) to support psychological research and scholarly efforts. He established the J. William Asher and Dorothy A. Asher Fund in the Social Sciences in 2010 to support social science research and scholarly efforts in the areas of history, economics and management, and political science. In 2013 Bill and Dotty established the J. William Asher and Dorothy A. Asher Fund in the Humanities. Through these gifts, DePauw faculty and students are able to present their research findings at conferences, collaborate on new research endeavors and travel to conduct their research. This latest gift will provide similar opportunities for students and faculty in the sciences.

“The research and scholarship taking place on the DePauw campus is outstanding,” Bill said. “Our hope is that this new fund will create even more opportunities for students and faculty to work together in ways that help students stand out among their peers, while creating a vibrant environment that continues to attract gifted faculty to the DePauw campus.”




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