Edmund B. Nightingale '02 and Rebecca Hedge Nightingale '02

Edmund B. and Rebecca Hedge Nightingale met at DePauw while volunteering for the Relay for Life and studying for Calculus II. Rebecca, a communication major, received the 2002 Walker Cup. Ed, a Management Fellow, graduated summa cum laude with a degree in computer science and went on to earn a Ph.D. from University of Michigan. The couple married in 2003 and live with their daughters, Ellie and Samantha, in Bellevue, Wash. Ed is a principal researcher at Microsoft, and Rebecca is an independent fundraising consultant for nonprofit organizations.

“Professors Dave Berque, Carl Singer, Doug Harms and Gloria Townsend were inspirational, and the chance to engage in a liberal arts education by taking courses in philosophy, literature, economics and political science ultimately provided a deep well of skills and knowledge to draw from later in life,” Ed says. “I was the recipient of so many thoughtful, clear and deep lectures! I still remember Dave Berque lecturing on topics such as Pushdown Automata and Context Free Grammars from his Theory of Computation course, and the textbook still sits on my shelf at Microsoft Research. DePauw also allowed me to participate in a summer research program, which helped prepare me for graduate school.

“The Management Fellows Program provided an invaluable set of experiences,” he says. “I especially valued my internship with DePauw alumni Jim Emison ’52 and Jill Skogheim ’00. Over a period of a semester, I got to learn from two entrepreneurs running their own businesses and act as an entrepreneur myself! The Management Fellows Program is one of the crown jewels at DePauw, and I look forward to continuing to see great leaders graduate from the program.”

Rebecca says that in addition to her classes, she learned much from experiences outside the classroom. “I had leadership opportunities, such as serving as the interim director of the Speaking and Listening Center, which taught me how to manage people, build strategic plans, and how to balance my time between work and my classes,” she says. “I still use those skills when helping organizations set fundraising strategies … and when trying to get from meetings to the kids’ baseball games on time!”

“We were both fortunate to have scholarships while attending DePauw,” Rebecca says. “The scholarships helped make it possible for us to graduate without student loan debt, for which we are so thankful.”

Ed was recipient of the Mary Redus Kapnick, Katharine Cox Hoover, and Albert L. Lund Merit Scholarships. Rebecca received the Frank W. Braden ’23 Endowed Scholarship.

The Nightingales have given consistently to The Fund for DePauw since they graduated. Now they have made a significant philanthropic commitment for The DePauw Trust, the University’s endowment for student access and need-based scholarships and one of The Campaign for DePauw’s top priorities,

“We’re fortunate to be able to give back and add to scholarship funds that will give other students a chance to take advantage of all DePauw has to offer,” Rebecca says. “We hope that it encourages other young alumni to give back to DePauw, whether it’s in terms of time, talent or financial giving.”

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